Core Features

Complete analysis package: utilising nine technical signals to measure the strength of market sentiment for any share. Signals applied simultaneously – an exercise that would take hours otherwise.

  • Trading Signals: System creates an internal indicator called OPI (Overall Performance Indicator) which gives the final signal based upon all the elements combined. Ability to filter and rank in order of frequency of bullish signals.
  • Market Trends: Catch early trends, identify trends that are “running out of steam”, identify reversions.
  • Advanced Charting: follow the volumes, the moving averages, place signals and alarms on chart to place directly into portfolio and watch list.
  • Daily Market Price Updates: One monthly fee gives you end of day market updates and access to full customer support at no extra cost. Data feed is provided by Reuters.
  • Upgrades for life: You will not have to buy another program ever as you will be comfortable knowing you have the latest state of the art technology at all times.
  • Portfolio & Banking: Full editing facilities of actual real world prices paid and received for selling, not computer simulated fictitious numbers. Ability to input your personal portfolio along with virtual trades. Portfolio features can potentially save on your accounting fees.
  • Alarms: High alarms are pre-set by the user to automatically alert the user when profit targets/resistance levels have been hit.
  • Stop Loss Alerts: Stop losses are a pre-written safety factor that many expert traders would never trade without. For example, you can select a floating stop loss of 10%, meaning that if the markets suddenly plunge due to some unforeseen development the maximum you could lose would be 10% from the highest value of your investment.
  • Flexible Usage: Log on from anywhere in the world where you can access the internet. Designed to be used on all operating systems.
  • Complete Web Based System: allows remote access from anywhere in the world.
  • Ability to analyse global opportunities: other Exchanges: e.g US Markets (extra costs apply).