Your Investment Mentor

Every customer that subscribes to the Stratos Market Analyst will be assigned to a personal mentor. The mentor will guide the subscriber in the use of the program, showing them how to identify medium term bullish and bearish trends, and how to profit from them.

As a Stratos subscriber you will benefit from:

  1. Learn from a professional: all of our mentors are professional traders, and have worked or currently work at established financial institutions.
  2. One to one relationship: we understand that every investor has different levels of investment knowledge, expertise, and available time, and so your mentor will work with you on a one to one basis at your own pace.
  3. Personal contact: Your mentor is only a phone call away; should you need any assistance, all you need do is call and ask.
  4. Webinars: Your mentor will work via web conferencing, to enable you to see working examples and simulation on screen.
  5. On-going customer service: Even once you are completely comfortable with the Stratos Market Analyst system and are using it to aid your investment approach, your personal mentor will maintain a strong relationship and call you at regular intervals to see how you’re doing, and whether they can assist in anyway.
  6. Someone to talk to: The stock market can prove to be a very lonely place. One of the key advantages of having a personal mentor is simply having someone to talk to and bounce ideas off.