What do I need to trade?

The essentials for success in trading are knowledge and discipline.

Understanding the dynamics of the market is essential and the very first thing that a trader must learn is there are no certainties in the stock market, only probabilities.

Stock selection must be based on sound criteria with proven track record of success. And, no matter how well based the selection process, not all stocks picked will be winners. But, the successful trader will never allow a small loss to become a big loss and they will never give back a hard won profit and see it turn into a loss. The first rule of trading is always limit losses, never limit your profits.

This is translated into a Trading Plan which becomes the Trader's personal blueprint for trading; ‘What to buy’ and ‘When to buy’ and an exit strategy which defines ‘When to sell’. Rigid adherence to the Trading Plan provides the discipline to avoid letting emotion cloud sound judgement. Stratos Market Analyst assists you with your trading plan and provides you with the education and tools to succeed.

What makes you successful in trading the share market?

Our objective is to teach you the skills required for success in trading.

Stock Selection:
Picking more winners than losers improves the probability of achieving superior profits from trading and as already stated the Stock Market offers no certainties, only probabilities. An effective Trading Plan aims to generate a stock selection process with a better than 50% probability of success.

Whilst undergoing your education you are learning to trade and apply the signals for entry and exit, and in doing so gain confidence in your ability to trade successfully. Stratos Market Analyst allows you to ‘paper trade’ ie trade with no money so you can test the water initially until you feel confident with going ‘live’.

What kind of returns should I expect from trading?

Trading does not offer a get rich quick alternative and natural skill is not something that sets a good trader apart from a poor one. A willingness to learn the fundamental principles of stock selection and the discipline to recognise when a selection is wrong remain the key to success. You will learn the skills required to become a successful trader while using the tool to assist in the implementation of these skills.

Will I still have to work if I trade shares?

The ability to generate income independently from others is the motivation for many to become skilled in this endeavour and the attraction to work at your own pace in your own home is obvious.

Undertaking appropriate education will take the trader on a journey where experience enhances performance and success engenders ongoing success. The life of a professional trader is enjoyed by many and the degree of success is most critically dependant upon the discipline you apply to implement what you learn.