At Stratos we believe that the trend is your friend

Stratos Market Analyst is a product of Stratos Technology Limited, an independent software and technology company specialising in investment and finance related technology.

Stratos Technology Ltd is headquartered in London, England, U.K and registered in England and Wales as a limited company with registration number 07279650.

Stratos Market Analyst is powerful enough for the world’s top traders and yet simple enough for someone looking to start trading to be able to learn the program in just a few short days. Stratos Market Analyst has been developed to assist individual traders, professional traders, hedge funds, investors, brokers and money managers to achieve profitability from trading equities.

We use a team of developers and programmers that have proven themselves to be successful traders and software engineers in their respective fields in the development of our software. The R&D team spend their time trading and watching the markets constantly refining our own methodologies and techniques and helping our clients world-wide achieve their goals of higher returns.

Stratos Market Analyst is an equity focused product providing daily trading signals for all FTSE stocks. Stratos Market Analyst standalone software uses Reuters as the core data suppliers. The program is easy to learn, extremely accurate and will satisfy traders of any experience level that demand the best for their trading.

“The trend is your friend” – The Stratos Market Analyst automates end of day analysis and identifies bull and bear signals. The signals are picked up using a rolling 20 day analysis to identify a developing trend. Armed with this advanced knowledge our traders have the confidence to make the best trading decisions.

The level of customer support we offer to the trading community is unparalleled and will help you complete your trading plan and achieve consistently higher returns.